The radio station is located in the city Berdsk, on a plot of more than 3 hectares of land on the shore of the picturesque bay of the Ob reservoir, we call it a Siberian sea. It’s spread over 150 kilometers in length to the south and more than 20 kilometers wide .

The antennas are located on the coast of the peninsula in such a way that, in any direction the signal spreads over the water surface. Here, under the antennas we build a resort Holiday Village “Staraya pristan.” This name is taken from historical sources. In earlier times, this place was the estate of merchant Gorokhov, who on the Ob river brought grain and grinds it into flour at the mill, which was just at the point where now is a 3 elements yagi antenna for 80ti meters band.

Holiday Village consists of several comfortable cottages, warm cabins, beach pavilions, playgrounds and places of active recreation. And in the cafe, located at the village you can celebrate any event or just have a delicious meal with friends.

For those who wish to be a DX for many radio amateurs of the world from ZONE 18,  we have a services, perfectly equipped radio station. In line we have two Elektraft K3 and ICOM 7600, several linear amplifiers, computers and VHF radios allow working through the Earth’s satellite, the moon and Echolink. If you are interested to visit Siberia and have fun please call, write and come.

We will be very glad to see you at our radio station, where you’ll get an unforgettable experience of the work on the air from ZONE 18 with super antennas, and you’ll see a lot on interesting site seeing.

mail: RC9O@bk.ru    telephone: +79132019072      to book:  Starayapristan.ru