About me


My name is Anatoliy.

From a young age I played sports, mostly technical types, as growing up in DOSAAF (the technical school for tins) . The greatest results I reached in motorcycle racing. I participated in the national championships and international competitions. But once I had no luck ….. and doctors banned me motocross. But the soul is required of adrenaline. One day I went to the club radio station during the competition. The guys sat me down for transsiver and I felt the same stress and the adrenaline rush like on the motobyke during a dangerous bend. Since then, I began to study radio sport, although it was hardly to differ  transistor from resistor for me. motoqsl My first call I got UA9UJO in 1978. Later, for various reasons related to the upgrade and moving to the other city I had to change the calls to UW9UP, RW9UP, UA9PC and now RC9O. I’m thankful to my old friend Mikel UA9PM. He instilled in me a love of radio sport, taught many of the subtleties and technical knowledge for the development of radio engineering and construction of antennas. For over 20 years we are one team and together created a super station on the shores of our Siberian Sea.



Radio sport truly has no boundaries and each of amateur radio is different hospitality and kindness. During the existence of our station, it was visited by many outstanding contesters and amateurs. We will be glad to see you at our base which is located here: www.starayapristan.ru